Bringing Hope and Support to Soldiers.

Nechama and Hatzala for Israel provide hope and support to soldiers and security forces. Every donation promises a positive impact and supports our community. Join us and donate to make a difference for those who need it the most.

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Soldiers Who Received Assistance in the Field

During the war, we reach IDF soldiers just before they enter combat deep in the Gaza Strip, providing them with a wide range of combat and support equipment.


Combat Kits Distributed

We provide essential combat kits to soldiers on the frontlines, ensuring they have the necessary gear to stay safe and effective in their missions.


Mental Health Support Sessions

We offer mental health support sessions to soldiers and security personnel, helping them cope with the stresses of their duties and maintain their psychological well-being.

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Improving and Assisting

We contribute to various communities to improve quality of life and show gratitude to those who deserve it.

Every Dollar Counts

Your platform for providing opportunities, light, and hope during dark times and in everyday life.

Donate from Home

Online donations enable us to recruit more volunteers and expand our support to different communities.

You Can Be Sure

Donations to Nechama and Hatzala for Israel have brought joyful moments to tens of thousands of soldiers in Israel.