Our Vision

Nechama and Hatzalah For Israel was established in 2020 by Shmulik and Moshiko Moskowitz in the memory of their mother, Ms. Nechama (Naomi) Moskowitz Halperin, a.h.

Nechama (Naomi) was the eldest daughter of the late Shlomo and Miriam, survivors of the Auschwitz extermination camp, who moved to New York after the war. She made aliyah to Israel alone at the age of 18, dedicating herself to social work studies at Bar-Ilan University. Her life’s goal was clear: to devote herself to helping every individual, a commitment she upheld during her career as a social worker in Israel. Her door was always open to those in need, regardless of their background, religion, or gender. Nechama dedicated her life to social work in the municipality of Bnei Brak, managing the welfare unit and supervising the drug abuse prevention unit.

Following her recent passing, Nechama’s sons decided to continue her legacy by establishing Nechama and Hatzalah For Israel.

Nechama and Hatzalah Inc mobilizes volunteers, including medics and doctors, to provide pre-hospital medical assistance nationwide, responding to emergencies free of charge.
Initially formed during the COVID-19 pandemic for testing, it now operates ambulances equipped with top-notch medical gear, supporting various emergencies and medical needs, including transportation for patients and individuals with mobility issues. All services are provided at no cost, with plans to expand the ambulance fleet to meet growing demand.
Beyond emergency response, the association extends assistance to individuals in need, offering support such as transporting patients for medical examinations, aiding disabled individuals in attending family events, and providing assistance to Holocaust survivors, all without financial compensation. Initiating its activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the association has been actively involved in assisting individuals facing difficulties, demonstrating its commitment to serving the community in times of crisis.
As soon as The War of Iron Swords broke out the Moskowitz brothers, IDF reservists, established a significant support coordination hub in Ramat Gan.
Donations, exceeding one million NIS, have been directed toward military and medical supplies for the IDF, as well as aid for affected residents in Gaza Strip and northern Israel. In 2023, the organization assisted over 11,400 IDF soldiers and approximately 2,300 evacuated families, showcasing its impactful contributions.
Together, through our collective efforts and support, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those impacted by adversity.
Join us in our mission to provide aid and relief to those in need, as we stand united in solidarity and compassion.

Ms. Nehama (Naomi) Moskowitz Halperin, a.h.

Those involved

Moshiko Moskowitz

The founder.

Smulik Moskowitz

Member of Governing Council.

Efi Feldman

The Founder, Member of Governing Council.

Michal Avraham

Social Worker, Community Leadership.


Governing Council, CEO of Maimon Group.