The first ambulance for the association was launched in a solemn ceremony and in the presence of members of the Knesset

Moshiko Moskovitz founded the association in the name of his late mother Nechama, who was known as a woman who worked night and day, with endless dedication in the welfare office of the municipality of Bnei Brak so that thousands of children and families could live their lives in peace and dignity, in addition she managed the unit for drug addiction and engaged in saving lives, kindness, her son Moshiko commemorated.



The dedication ceremony of the first ambulance of the association “Nechama and Hatzla Israel” took place on the Seventh Guard, at the same time as the celebration of the birthday of the kind man, Moshiko Moskowitz, who founded the association in honor of his mother. The ceremony was honored in the presence of Minister of Science Ofir Akunis, Minister of Foreign Affairs Eli Cohen and Members of Knesset Michal Valdigar, Yitzhak Wesarlauf, Nissim Vaturi and Moshe Kinley Tor-Paz. The event was marked by an exciting ceremony, and the reactions of all those present added to the general excitement of the event.

Helping IDF soldiers

As a result of the security situation, we established a military base in Ramat Gan where every day we pack with all our heart and send food and equipment to the soldiers who keep Israel safe and to families from the Gaza Strip