The brothers Moshiko and Shmulik Moskovitz founded the association Nechama and Hatzla Israel

The brothers Moshiko and Shmulik Moskovitz founded the association Nechama and Hatzla Israel

The Moskovitch brothers' chaplain takes care of everything, from clothing, equipment and food to medical equipment and money - all in memory of their mother, Nechama, who spent her whole life helping others. All for the success of the people of Israel in the war and the well-being of the citizens and soldiers on the front.

The brothers Moshiko and Shmulik Moskovitz founded the association Nechama and Hatzla Israel and in the days of the beginning of the war they opened a civilian emergency aid in memory of their late mother Nechama. Nechama dedicated her life to social work in the municipality of Bnei Brak, managing the welfare unit and supervising the drug abuse prevention unit. Following her recent passing, her sons decided to continue her legacy by establishing the association.

Just two months ago, they started an initiative to provide free ambulance services that respond to cases of financial distress, lack of health insurance or unavailability of regular ambulances. When the war broke out on October 7, they immediately mobilized and founded HML. The organization is a multifaceted effort, from providing essential items such as food, clothing and identification hats to the police to donating to other initiatives.

Residents of Ramat Gan, Hagit Zvi and her family, donated a two-story villa that is currently used as a central focus. Over 100 volunteers visit it daily to pack and ship essentials to soldiers and families, including food items, supplies, clothing, underwear, identification caps, hymnals, memorial candles and condolences.

HML has donated to various causes, including a recent donation of NIS 2,000 for dog food and snacks for dogs whose owners were murdered in Kibbutz Bari and the surrounding area.

While the association is relatively new, its founders have a background in helping others. Moshiko Moskovitz previously served as the Operations Manager at the Salvation Union and dealt with government relations and promoting legislative initiatives for emergency medicine in Israel.

It is important to note the significant impact that HAMAL had in a short period of time, thanks to financial donations and volunteer efforts of people in Israel and abroad. The organization’s ongoing projects include sending hundreds of boxes every day and receiving significant donations from generous people.

You are invited to donate directly to HML at 52 Moshe Sharet St. Ramat Gan or by depositing funds into the association’s bank account.

Donations can be brought directly to HML at 52 Moshe Sharet Street, Ramat Gan, or to the account 055-9743788, Mercantile Bank – 0017 branch – 0732 85847161 account for Nechama and Hatzla Israel

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