Direct Insurance, in collaboration with our association, has demonstrated invaluable support for the residents of the south and the soldiers

Direct Insurance, in partnership with our association, has made meaningful contributions to support both the residents of the southern region and our soldiers.

Employees of ‘Direct Insurance’ actively contributed to product packaging at the shelter operated by the Nachama and hatzala Israel Association, established in response to the ongoing conflict in Ramat Gan. Throughout the past week, during daylight hours, hundreds of volunteers, including ‘Direct Insurance’ staff, dedicated their time and efforts at a spacious villa generously provided by a city resident. This private residence has transformed into an emergency shelter to address the urgent needs arising from the current situation in the country. The collective commitment of these volunteers reflects the community’s solidarity during these challenging times.


Each day, a dedicated team of over 100 volunteers converges from all corners of the country to meticulously pack and dispatch boxes destined for soldiers on the front lines, fighters, and families. These thoughtfully curated packages encompass a variety of essentials, including food products, sweets, preserves, tactical equipment, clothes, underwear, and anything else that can contribute to their well-being.

In a recent initiative, employees from Direct Insurance actively participated in this endeavor. Engaging in both the preparation and distribution processes, they brought additional products and worked alongside other volunteers to ensure that soldiers and families receive the support and resources they need during these challenging times

Helping IDF soldiers

As a result of the security situation, we established a military base in Ramat Gan where every day we pack with all our heart and send food and equipment to the soldiers who keep Israel safe and to families from the Gaza Strip